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 In 2005, I thought that it was about time that we started the conversation: about who we are, and where we came from:

Time to differentiate ourselves from Emma Lazarus' "... huddled masses, longing to be free..." (of the 20th Century).

Recognizing that, more often than not, perception creates a reality of it's own. 


     Doshia Greene Bowling 



Amelia Evans Greene


Almeter Drakeford Harris


Ruth McCarley Harris and daughter Bobbi Harris Burkes 



Frank Harris Sr. 1954

Johnnie Harris Jr. 1953



  LJ Harris-1945

  Oscar Harris 1945


Lela-Mae Harris 52'


Walker Jones 1950 (est.)   




Sunman, Bigmama, & Johnnie Lee 1979 

Author Profile: 


 _ Graduate of the Barney School of Business, University of Hartford, 1983  


_Graduate of Central Connecticut State                            

 _ former bodybuilder au naturel.

_ insurance underwriter turned social historian.



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Ain't Too Proud to Beg

Brad & Kayln married May 30, 2011.




Williamsburg, Va. 2010



Step in the name of love


 ... if they ask you why we did it ... tell em we did it for love ...








the Academic Tradition: Clemson U.





 From a family perspective, the one thing that we stressed with our eldest son was getting to know his people (the Numerican Nation):

Not as they presented themselves, but as they actually were.


Basically he went to Clemson with a dual purpose in mind; to get an education (received a degree in mathematics), and to develop a keener awareness of his roots (hooked up with the SIGMAs while he was there, as well as 2nd cousins Stanley and Temeka).




We toyed with the idea of sending our youngest to the Citadel; however, he was having no parts of it.  



Their institutionalized behavioral patterns were more than he could stand.

  [ Plus the Citadel didn't have a strong tradition of admitting females; and Clint didn't find the prospect of four years without them, even remotely, attractive. When one of their admissions reps told him that he had to come in with "the right attitude and for the right reasons": that was all he needed to hear.] 


 Missylou (Courtney) expressed an interest in going to the University at Clemson, however given the size and location of the campus, her mother and I discouraged her (even tho her big brother was there).

Instead we applauded her decision to attend the University of North Florida, which was a much smaller campus located near a federal natural wildlife reserve in north Florida:

The smaller campus afforded greater personal safety, and security, as it was less accessible to the public in general






 [The University of South Carolina was automatically eliminated as an academic choice due to it's location (Columbia, S.C.); and, proximity to the state capitol building, which still flew the Confederate Flag.]


Return of the Numen

Upon learning that Mother had given up near-fall points (in her on-going bout with cancer) the boys took the red-eye East, to be with her down the stretch:

To stand in her corner: to whisper "finish strong!"

To say "we love ya, win, lose, or draw".

Brad (grandson), Deshawn (great grandson) & Taijesa (adopted daughter) 2009