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 In 2005, I thought that it was about time that we started the conversation: about who we are, and where we came from:

Time to differentiate ourselves from Emma Lazarus' "... huddled masses, longing to be free..." (of the 20th Century).

Recognizing that, more often than not, perception creates a reality of it's own. 


     Doshia Greene Bowling 



Amelia Evans Greene


Almeter Drakeford Harris


Ruth McCarley Harris and daughter Bobbi Harris Burkes 



Frank Harris Sr. 1954

Johnnie Harris Jr. 1953



  LJ Harris-1945

  Oscar Harris 1945


Lela-Mae Harris 52'


Walker Jones 1950 (est.)   




Sunman, Bigmama, & Johnnie Lee 1979 

Author Profile: 


 _ Graduate of the Barney School of Business, University of Hartford, 1983  


_Graduate of Central Connecticut State                            

 _ former bodybuilder au naturel.

_ insurance underwriter turned social historian.



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Tradition: Love & Marriage

On Saturday September 25th Almeter and Bobby's daughter Cynthia married Seymour Wilder in Biloxi, Mississippi.


The Wilder family is from Chester, South Carolina:

 While Cynthia was born in Mississippi, her matrilineal line runs to the Carolinas.



 Bobby, Cynthia, & Almeter






the couple posing with Dr. P. Ronald Wilder, Bishop Michael Shelby, & Pastor Eric Dickey.



Cynthia with Bryan(her brother) and Jaice(Bryan's son).

Matrons of Honor: Margaret Brown & Lavonda Jacobs, Bridesmaids: Abbie Luck, Rebecca Straley, Angela Brown, Pansy King, & Burlynda Knight, and Flower Girl Sierra Hampton. 


Breast Cancer Awareness




Talk about lending a hand: Courtney walked 60 miles, recently(over the course of 3 days), in a fundraiser to support the fight against cancer. 


The Harrises go to Washington


One of the highlights of this year's family reunion tour was the side-trip to the Nation,s Capitol: A special thanks goes out to Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who made guided tours of the Capitol and White House available. 


The adventure began with Mom attempting to follow Brad thru the city traffic to find a parking space.

According to Mom, " the walk from the parking garage to the Visitor's Center was a good ten miles".

Then it was on to the Smithsonian, where Deshawn stood in awe of virtually every exhibit: is a small world after all.. 



 ...or is it?



...see ya...