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 In 2005, I thought that it was about time that we started the conversation: about who we are, and where we came from:

Time to differentiate ourselves from Emma Lazarus' "... huddled masses, longing to be free..." (of the 20th Century).

Recognizing that, more often than not, perception creates a reality of it's own. 


     Doshia Greene Bowling 



Amelia Evans Greene


Almeter Drakeford Harris


Ruth McCarley Harris and daughter Bobbi Harris Burkes 



Frank Harris Sr. 1954

Johnnie Harris Jr. 1953



  LJ Harris-1945

  Oscar Harris 1945


Lela-Mae Harris 52'


Walker Jones 1950 (est.)   




Sunman, Bigmama, & Johnnie Lee 1979 

Author Profile: 


 _ Graduate of the Barney School of Business, University of Hartford, 1983  


_Graduate of Central Connecticut State                            

 _ former bodybuilder au naturel.

_ insurance underwriter turned social historian.



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Wrestling for the Wizard


 It's amazing how one picture can trigger an avalanche of memories from years gone by!


While Coach Littlefield was generally viewed as a Folk-Style Coach, he was much more adept and proficient at Free-Style wrestling :


 Mario Criscione, Carl "Buzzy" Edwards, (the late)Jim Davis, (the late)Henry "Hank" Littlefield, Randy Forrest, Steve "Blue" Berry, (the late)Alex Cunningham, And Doug Garr.

  After the 67' high school season Coach took a group of us with him to the New York Athletic Club to compete in the Jr & Senior Mets ( a preliminary qualifier for the 68' Olympic Trials). It was quite an adventure, but then thats another story.


Coach Littlefield's wrestling nemesis was Bill Farrell, a wrestler from the New York AC. As far as I know, they were good friends off the mats.

Coach (more often than not) competed along side the team on the AAU Circuit; we were known as the Westchester Wrestling Club.  Jim Davis, 2X State Heavyweight Champion, was his primary training partner. Ocassionally, if he tired, I'd got thrown into the mix.

[Now if I hated practicing against Davis; as you can imagine, Coach Littlefield was twice as bad!]  



My sons were fortunate enough to wrestle, in high school, for former collegiate All-American Doug Peters.

I say fortunate because Coach Peters was familiar with the legend of Hank Littlefield, and the Mount Vernon Knights.  

Something that I first realized while listening to one of his motivational speeches in 1993, wherein he stated that "there was this great inter-city team in New York (back in the 60s'), which overcame all sorts of adversity to become State Champions...remember always that we're one team, one family; we win and lose together !"


 While I tend to associate the "Big Show" with Coach Littlefield, the boys associate it with Coach Peters:

 who brought it to the high school stage in the State of Florida, in the 1990s', replete with music (soundtrack from Rocky), smoke, and uniformed wrestlerettes who knew each wrestler by name.








Bradford John Harris 1995 - return of "the Big Show"

   Welcome Class of 67' (yes I know, I missed yet another reunion Jealous.). Click on the highlighted bar for the discussion on Dr. Littlefield. 



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